Gourmet Aluminium + PVC, 160 X 80mm, Black / Silver 01-1452

  • Item Name: Gourmet
  • Model No: 01-1452
  • Material: Aluminium + PVC
  • Size: 160 X 80 mm
  • Color: Black / Silver
  • Use: Furniture Desk

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Gourmet Aluminium + PVC, 160 X 80mm, Black / Silver 01-1452

Elevate your workspace with our exquisite “Gourmet” Aluminium Desk, a masterpiece of contemporary design and unparalleled functionality. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this desk is a testament to the perfect fusion of style and practicality, making it an ideal addition to any office, studio, or home workspace.

Sleek and Modern Aesthetic:
The “Gourmet” Aluminium Desk features a sleek and modern aesthetic that effortlessly enhances the ambiance of any environment. Its clean lines, minimalist silhouette, and pristine white finish exude an air of sophistication, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace. Whether you prefer a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired decor or a more eclectic interior, this desk seamlessly integrates into various design schemes, becoming a focal point that impresses both clients and visitors.

Uncompromising Durability:
Crafted from high-quality aluminium, this desk is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Aluminium is known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, providing a sturdy and durable foundation for your work. Say goodbye to wobbly desks and hello to stability, as the “Gourmet” Aluminium Desk remains steadfast, supporting your work essentials with confidence.

Optimal Workspace Organization:
We understand the importance of an organized workspace, and the “Gourmet” Aluminium Desk delivers just that. Its thoughtfully designed features offer convenient storage solutions, ensuring that your essentials are always within reach. The desk boasts a spacious tabletop, providing ample room for your computer, documents, and other work materials. Additionally, it features integrated storage compartments, drawers, and cable management systems, allowing you to keep your workspace clutter-free and maintain a seamless workflow.

Versatile and Adaptable:
Whether you’re a creative professional, a diligent student, or a dedicated entrepreneur, the “Gourmet” Aluminium Desk caters to your unique needs. Its versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from writing and drawing to computer-based tasks. With its adjustable height and ergonomic features, you can customize the desk to suit your preferred working position, promoting comfort and productivity throughout the day.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship:
The “Gourmet” Aluminium Desk is a result of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our skilled artisans combine their expertise with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create a desk that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last. Each component is meticulously inspected to ensure flawless quality, providing you with a desk that meets the highest standards of excellence.

Invest in the “Gourmet” Aluminium Desk and transform your workspace into a haven of productivity and style. Embrace the perfect combination of contemporary elegance, durability, and functionality. Experience the pleasure of working in an environment that inspires creativity and maximizes efficiency. Choose the “Gourmet” Aluminium Desk and elevate your workspace to new heights of sophistication.


Black, Silver

Item Name: Gourmet

Material: Aluminium + PVC

Size: 160 X 80 mm

Color: Black / Silver

Use: Furniture Desk

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